Sister Ray

Sister Ray spent her youth galavanting about Van Nuys with her other Valley friendsafter high school, she got involved with a bobcat who took her north to Canada where she started smuggling catnip across the Canadian border. When a condom full of catnip exploded inside her, she had a vision of Little Brown Kitty calling her to the light, she spent the next year with visions of the Great Brown One in San Francisco and Portland until she found her way back home to Los Angeles She met Saint Fizz who brought her to the path of enlightenment through the nine lives of Little Brown Kitty. Sister Ray is currently traveling through the 8th life/level of enlightenment and bringing others to the path


Little Brown Kitty is Love.
Little Brown Kitty is Life.

Deacon Brian
Reverend Kat Cerouac

Saint Fizz

Little Brown Kitty

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