The Nine Laws of Little Brown Kittyianism

Little Brown Kitty lived so that we may learn from her lives to gain enlightenment in our own lives. If you follow these nine steps you may reach Divine Oneness before you know it.

  • Life One: Law of Vibration
    One must accept that the universe is vibrating at the frequency of pure chaos

  • Life Two: Law of Attraction
    Love is an answer and path to dealing with the chaos of the universe.

  • Life Three: Law of Action
    Once one has accepted the reality of the universe and started down the path of love one will be able to manifest one's will on the universe.

  • Life Four: Law of Cause and Effect
    One may implement one's will on the universe, but not without consequences. 

  • Life Five: Law of Correspondence
    The physical universe has a corresponding spiritual element and thus; as above so below.

  • Life Six: Law of Polarity
    Everything is on a spectrum on the Möbius strip of our infinite universe. What is done on one end of the spectrum affects the opposite end. Everything is connected.

  • Life Seven: Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
    Love is the answer to the physical and spiritual universe. One may harness the powers of the universe to change the very fabric of existence.

  • Life Eight: Law of Rhythm
    Using the previous seven Laws of Little Brown Kittyianism, one may fall in sync with the universe overcoming the chaos of reality.

  • Life Nine: Law of Divine Oneness
    Everything is you. You are everything.

Little Brown Kitty

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